Based on our work and reputation, Games Workshop, along with Focus Home Interactive and developers Rogue Factor, gave REZ the job of creating the opening cinematic for the first video game adaptation of the table-top classic: Mordheim: City of the Damned.
One of the thrills of working on a project like this was getting to use the beautiful illustrations of the great John Blanche. To tell the story of the world in this game, we worked closely with the dev team, digitally cropping out the artwork and animating everything. As you can imagine, the originality and creativity of this type of work was quite a challenge. 
It was a project that allowed REZ to flex its full creative and technical know how: from VFX, to animation, and 3D, to sound design, and VO: all the emotional elements required to fully immerse the player in this dark and super atmospheric trailer that we are very proud of.

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